How We Started

How did it all come together? Where did it all come from? Why Poopsicle?
It all started with our very first YouTube content, which we shot in the living room of our friend's condo who is now one of our team members. The three of us joined forces in October of 2020 and got united on the current rise in cryptocurrency interest and popularity among retail as well as institutional investors.
This reignited our interests from 2017 when the ICO wave shocked the crypto world. Us too along with many other mainstream audience, learned lots of valuable lessons from the bull run of that year all the way to the bear market back then.
Fast forward to February 14th, 2021, the very first content from the CryptoPuujin team went live on YouTube. We saw the current mainstream crypto adoption as an opportunity to spread our knowledge and awareness to the general public regarding blockchain as a technology as well as cryptocurrency as a form of investment, specifically to the Mongolian folks who our YouTube contents catered towards.
The three of us co-founded, directed, starred in and started CryptoPuujin, your one stop shop channel to all things crypto. Our contents typically consist of News, Market Update, Fundamental Analysis and our team's weekly pick of crypto project that we believe has the 10x - 100x potential in the long run. It's also worth to note that none of our contents are financial advice and it's purely made for informational purposes.
Today, we have 25K subscribers and views just shy of a million on our YouTube channel. However, our community don't stop there. We have created our Discord Server and it opened a whole new door and countless other possibilities for our team.
in our friend's living room where we shot our very first YouTube video
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