This bull market has distinguished itself from the incumbents with its rise of NFT-mania. The artistic nature of NFTs has reached an audience wider than regular crypto projects with whitepapers littered with big words like AI, Web3, Defi, Decentralization and their grandiose plan of saving humanity from the petro-dollar system.
Although it is to nice own unique token pointing to digital assets living in IPFS or storage solutions like Arweave, it really isn't that beneficial unless you have some form of utility attached to the NFTs. Therefore, we have created NFTs that have utility.
With PooNFT, we also want to establish POL (Protocol Owned Liquidity) for PoopsicleDao so Poopsicle can be a sustainable project that earnestly is governed and run by the community.
We present you yield-bearing NFTs that will plant the seeds of POL for PoopsicleDAO.